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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Rhinoclavis (Rhinoclavis) sinensis (Gmelin, 1791)
Published in:Houbrick, R.S. 1978, "The family Cerithiidae in the Indo-Pacific. Part I. The genera Rhinoclavis, Pseudovertagus and Clavocerithium", Monographs of Marine Mollusca, vol. 1, pp. 1-130
Synonym Source
Vertagus chinensis Chemnitz, 1882 synonym
Published in:Dunker, W. 1882, pp. i-vii, 301 pp., pls 1-16, Theodori Fischer, Cassel
Rhinoclavis obeliscus (Bruguière, 1792) synonym
Published in:Swainson, W. 1840, pp. 419 pp., Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, London
Clava obeliscus (Bruguière, 1792) synonym
Published in:Morris, P.A. 1966, pp. 297 pp., 72 pls, Houghton-Mifflin Co., Place of publishing unknown
Cerithium obeliscus Bruguière, 1792 synonym
Published in:Bruguière, M. 1792, vol. 1, pp. i–xviii, 757 pp., Panckoucke, Paris
Murex sinensis Gmelin, 1791 synonym
Published in:Gmelin J.F. 1791, vol. Vermes. Vol. 1, no. Part 6, pp. 3021–3910, Georg. Emanuel. Beer, Lipsiae
Cerithium (Aluco) obeliscus Bruguière, 1792 miscellaneous literature
Published in:Martens, E. von 1887, "List of the shells of Mergui and its Archipelago, collected for the trustees of the Indian Museum, Calcutta, by Dr. John Anderson, F.R.S., Superintedent of the Museum", Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology, vol. 21, pp. 155-219
Vertagus cedonulli (Sowerby, 1866) synonym
Published in:Sowerby, G.B. 1866, "Monograph of the genus Vertagus . Reeve's manuscript", Ed. Sowerby, G.B. (ed), Conchologia Iconica, vol. 15, pp. pl. 1, 3-5, L. Reeve & Co., London
Vertagus obeliscus (Bruguière, 1972) synonym
Published in:Sowerby, G.B. 1865, "Monograph of the genus Vertagus. Reeve's manuscript.", Ed. Sowerby, G.B. (ed), Conchologia Iconica, vol. 15, pp. pl. 2, L. Reeve & Co., London
Clava (Clava) sinensis (Gmelin, 1791) synonym
Published in:Wissema, G.G. 1947, Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden
Cerithium cedonulli Sowerby, 1855 synonym
Published in:Sowerby, G.B. 1855, vol. 2, no. 16, pp. 847-899, pls 176-186, Sowerby, London
Cerithium (Rhinoclavis) cedonulli Sowerby, 1855 miscellaneous literature
Published in:Adam, W. & Leloup, E. 1938, "Resultats scientifiques du voyage aux Indes Orientales Neerlandaises de LL. AA. RR. le Prince et la Princesse Leopold de Belgique. Prosobranchia et Opistobranchia", Mémoires du Musée Royal d'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique, ser. 6, vol. 2, no. 19, pp. 1-209, pls 1-8
Strombus muricatus Röding, 1798 synonym
Published in:Röding, P.F. 1798, p. 199, Trappii, Hamburg
Cerithium (Vertagus) sinense (Gmelin, 1791) synonym
Published in:Kobelt, W. 1898, "Die Gattung Cerithium Lam", Ed. Küster, H.C., Martini, F.W. & Chemnitz, J.H. (eds), Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet von Martini und Chemnitz, vol. 1, pp. 201-297, pls 37-47, Bauer & Raspe, Nürnberg
Clava sinensis (Gmelin, 1791) synonym
Published in:Schepman, M.M. 1909, "The Prosobranchia of the Siboga Expedition. Part 2. Taenioglossa and Ptenoglossa", Ed. Weber, M. (ed.), Siboga Expeditie, vol. 49, pp. 109-231, pls 10-16, Brill, Leiden
Common Name Source
Obelisk Creeper
Name Source
Rhinoclavis sinensis inferred accepted

Bare scientific name reallocated to Rhinoclavis (Rhinoclavis) sinensis (Gmelin, 1791) by taxonomy builder

Rhinoclavis sinensis Gmelin, 1791 accepted
Rhinoclavis (Rhinoclavis) sinensis (Gmelin, 1791) accepted
Identifier Source
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:dcee0c2c-984a-4102-a205-e1a9570292f5 Previous AFD LSID lsid replaced
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:1f2a7c4f-e2b0-43f6-bda6-c7b0f71c308c Previous AFD LSID lsid replaced
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:5c2b68cc-92ea-4c7d-ba8f-542cde0b9cdf Taxon current
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:613b1c0a-7d22-4e66-987e-fe9ec75d8892 Previous AFD LSID lsid replaced
ALA_Rhinoclavis_sinensis Taxon current
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.name:502439 Scientific Name current
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:7fe6b09f-12ea-48da-b915-e95ffe594ed8 Previous AFD LSID lsid replaced
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:5c2b68cc-92ea-4c7d-ba8f-542cde0b9cdf Taxon Concept current
24076052 Taxon current


Rhinoclavis (Rhinoclavis)
Rhinoclavis sinensis

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