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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Calliotrochus marmoreus (Pease, 1861)
Published in:Herbert, D.G. 1998, "Revision of the genus Calliotrochus Fischer, 1879 (Gastropoda: Trochoidea)", Invertebrate Taxonomy, vol. 12, 545-565 p547
Synonym Source
Calliotrochus excellens Iredale, 1937 synonym
Published in:Iredale, T. 1937, "", vol. 8, pp. 232-261, pls 15-17 p246
Calliotrochus striatulus (Garrett, 1857) synonym
Published in:Hedley, C. 1923, "Studies on Australian Mollusca. Part XIV.", Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, vol. 48, 301-316, pls 30-33 p308
Calliotrochus symbolicus Iredale, 1937 synonym
Published in:Iredale,T. 1937, "Middleton and Elizabeth Reef, South Pacific Ocean", The Australian Zoologist, vol. 8, 232-261 p246
Gibbula (Calliotrochus) cummingae Kilburn, 1977 synonym
Published in:Kilburn, R.N. 1977, "Taxonomic studies on the marine Mollusca of southern Africa and Mozambique. Part 1.", Annals of the Natal Museum, vol. 23, no. 1, 173-214 p178, fig. 5
Gibbula mormorea (Pease, 1861) synonym
Published in:Kay, E.A. 1979, Hawaiian marine shells. Reef and shore fauna of Hawaii. Section 4 : Mollusca, vol. Bernice P. Bishop Museum Special Publication Vol. 64, no. 4, 653 pp., Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu, Hawaii p51, fig. 14e
Turbo phasianellus Deshayes, 1863 synonym
Published in:Deshayes, G.P. 1863, "Catalogue des Mollusques de l'Île de la Réunion (Bourbon)", Ed. Maillard, L. (ed.), Notes sur l'isle de La Réunion, Annexe E, Dentu, Paris p74, No. 216
Calliotrochus phasianellus synonym
Margarita marmoreus Pease, 1861 synonym
Published in:Pease, W.H. 1861, "Descriptions of 47 new species of shells from the Sandwich Islands, in the collection of H. Cuming", Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, vol. 1860, 431-438 p435
Fossarina (Minopa) hoffmeisteri Ladd, 1966 synonym
Published in:Ladd, H.S. 1966, "Chitons and gastropods (Haliotidae through Adeorbidae) from the western Pacific Islands", United States Geological Survey Professional Papers, vol. 531, 1-98 16 pls p37, pl. 4, figs 8-10
Trochus (Margarita) striatula Garrett, 1857 synonym nom. illeg.
Published in:Garrett, A. 1857, "On new species of marine shells of the Sandwich Islands", Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, vol. 1, 102-103 p102
Calliotrochus symbolicus alter Iredale, 1937 synonym
Published in:Iredale, T. 1937, "", vol. 8, pp. 232-261, pls 15-17 p246
Calliotrochus normalis Iredale, 1937 synonym
Published in:Iredale, T. 1937, "", vol. 8, pp. 232-261, pls 15-17 p246
Gibbula marmorea synonym
Conotalopia marmorata (Pease, 1861) synonym
Published in:Kosuge, S. 1969, "Fossil mollusks of Oahu, Hawaii Islands", Bulletin of the National Science Museum, Tokyo, vol. 12, 783-794, pls 1-7 p784, pl. 1, fig. 5
Margarita ponsonbyi Preston, 1908 synonym
Published in:Preston, H.B. 1908, "Descriptions of new species of land, marine and freshwater shells from the Andaman Islands", Records of the Indian Museum, vol. 2, no. 2, 187-210, pls 14-17 p201, pl. 14, fig. 12 (possible synonym)
Gibbula phasianella (Deshayes, 1863) synonym
Published in:Pilsbry, H.A. 1889-1890, Manual of Conchology, vol. Series 1, Vol. 11, 519 pp., pls 1-67, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia, Philadelphia p235, pl. 31, figs. 31-33
Trochinella perconfusa Iredale, 1937 synonym
Published in:Iredale, T. 1937, "", vol. 8, pp. 232-261, pls 15-17 p246
Trochus phasianellus (Deshayes, 1863) synonym
Published in:Fischer, P. 1874, "Note sur le Turbo phasianellus Deshayes.", Journal de Conchyliologie, vol. 22, 156-157 p156
Common Name Source
Top Shell standard Australia
Name Source
Calliotrochus marmoreus (Pease, 1861) accepted
Calliotrochus marmoreus (Pease, 1861) accepted

Bare scientific name reallocated to Calliotrochus marmoreus (Pease, 1861) by taxonomy builder

Identifier Source
https://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/cd1507a3-c3b8-4b67-9c9a-b8c6fd837ee3 Taxon current
24046160 Taxon Concept current
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:cd1507a3-c3b8-4b67-9c9a-b8c6fd837ee3 Taxon LSID unknown
http://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/cd1507a3-c3b8-4b67-9c9a-b8c6fd837ee3 Taxon unknown
https://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/6687998f-2c70-4047-a71e-7327c5bad210 Scientific Name current
24046160 Taxon current
https://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/cd1507a3-c3b8-4b67-9c9a-b8c6fd837ee3 Taxon Concept current


Calliotrochus marmoreus

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