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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Earliella scabrosa (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden
  • AusFungi
According to:AusFungi (2019), AusFungi 21 Jan. 2019
Published in:Gilbertson, R.L. & Ryvarden, L. (1985), Some new combinations in Polyporaceae. Mycotaxon 22 (2)
Synonym Source
Coriolus corrugatus (Pers.) G.Cunn. heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Cunningham, G.H. (1950), Australian Polyporaceae in herbaria of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and British Museum of Natural History. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 75
Polyporus scabrosus Pers. homotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Gaudichaud-Beaupré, C. (1827), Voyage autour du Monde, Entrepis par Ordre du Roi, Exécuté sur les Corvettes de S.M. l'Uranie et la Physicienne. Botanique (Nagpur) 5
Trametes persoonii (Mont.) Pat. heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Patouillard, N.T. (1914), Quelques Champignons du Congo. Bulletin de la Société Mycologique de France 30 (3)
Trametes corrugata (Pers.) Bres. heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Bresadola, G. (1912), Basidiomycetes philippinenses. Series I. Hedwigia 51 (4)
Polyporus persoonii Mont. heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Bélanger, C. (1846), Voyage aux Indes-orientales, par le nord de l'Europe, les provinces du Caucase, la Géorgie, l'Arménie et la Perse pendant les années 1825-1829
Polystictus persoonii (Mont.) Cooke heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Cooke, M.C. (1886), Praecursores ad Monographia Polypororum. Grevillea 14 (71)
Daedalea microsinulosa Klotzsch ex Berk. heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Berkeley, M.J. (1839), Descriptions of exotic fungi in the collection of Sir W.J. Hooker, from memoirs and notes of J.F. Klotzsch, with additions and corrections. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 3
Polyporus corrugatus Pers. heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Gaudichaud-Beaupré, C. (1827), Voyage autour du Monde, Entrepis par Ordre du Roi, Exécuté sur les Corvettes de S.M. l'Uranie et la Physicienne. Botanique (Nagpur) 5
Trametes versiformis Berk. & Broome heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Berkeley, M.J.; Broome, C.E. (1873), Enumeration of the fungi of Ceylon Part II containing the remainder of the Hymenomycetes, with the remaining established tribes of fungi. Journal of the Linnean Society. Botany 14
Trametes scabrosa (Pers.) G.Cunn. homotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Cunningham, G.H. (1965), Polyporaceae of New Zealand. Bulletin of the New Zealand Department of Industrial Research 164
Daedalea sanguinea Klotzsch heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Published in:Klotzsch, J.F. (1833), Fungi exotici et collectionibus Britannorum. Linnaea 8
Name Source
Earliella scabrosa (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden accepted
  • AusFungi
Earliella scabrosa (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden, 1985 accepted
According to:Kew Mycology
Earliella scabrosa (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden accepted
Identifier Source
NZOR-6-94985 Taxon current
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/node/fungi/60098659 Taxon current
  • AusFungi
3afc032b5937dc1ed6955293db9dfcbd Taxon current
http://id.biodiversity.org.au/node/fungi/60098659 Taxon unknown
  • AusFungi
SF-105299 Scientific Name current
http://data.nzor.org.nz/names/70b5596d-ddca-4526-9d1a-4c470d3eb70f Scientific Name current
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/instance/fungi/60064052 Taxon Concept current
  • AusFungi
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/name/fungi/60028850 Scientific Name current
  • AusFungi


Earliella scabrosa

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