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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Ophiomyxa australis Lütken, 1869
  • AFD
Published in:Clark, A.M. & Rowe, F.W.E. 1971, Monograph of Shallow-water Indo-west Pacific Echinoderms, 238 pp. 100 figs 31 pls, Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London
Synonym Source
Ophiomyxa brevispina irregularis Koehler, 1898 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Koehler, R. 1898, "Échinodermes, receuillis par l'Investigator dans l'Océan Indien. II. Les ophiures littorales.", Bulletin Scientique de la France et de la Belgique, vol. 31, 55-124, pls 2-5 pp111-112
Ophiomyxa robillardi de Loriol, 1893 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:de Loriol, P. 1893, "Catalogue raisonné des Echinodermes recueillis par M.V. de Robillard à l'Île Maurice. III. Ophiurides et Astrophytides. Supplement.", Mémoires de la Société de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle de Genève, vol. 32, no. 3, 1-64 pls 23-25 pp53-54, pl. 25(5a-g)
Ophiomyxa brevipina von Martens, 1870 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:von Martens, E. 1870, "Die Ophiuriden des indischen Oceans.", Archiv für Naturgeschichte, vol. 36, no. 3, 244-263 p249
Common Name Source
Brittlestar standard Australia
  • CAAB
Ophiuroid Australia
  • CAAB
Southern Serpent Star Australia
  • CAAB
Name Source
Ophiomyxa australis Lütken, 1869 accepted
  • AFD
Ophiomyxa australis Lutken , 1869 accepted
  • NZOR
Ophiomyxa australis Lütken, 1869 accepted
  • CAAB

Bare scientific name reallocated to Ophiomyxa australis Lütken, 1869 by taxonomy builder

Identifier Source Taxon current
  • AFD Scientific Name current
  • NZOR Taxon LSID unknown
  • AFD
25166001 Taxon current
  • CAAB
NZOR-6-68071 Taxon current
  • NZOR
25166001 Taxon Concept current
  • CAAB Taxon unknown
  • AFD Scientific Name current
  • AFD Taxon Concept current
  • AFD


Ophiomyxa australis

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