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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Osphranter rufus (Desmarest, 1822)
  • AFD
Published in:ABRS 2001, "Census of Australian Vertebrates"
Synonym Source
Macropus rufus occidentalis Cahn, 1906 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Iredale, T. & Troughton, E. le G. 1934, "A check-list of the mammals recorded from Australia", Memoirs of the Australian Museum, vol. 6, i-xii 1-122
Kangurus lanosus Gray, 1843 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Iredale, T. & Troughton, E. le G. 1934, "A check-list of the mammals recorded from Australia", Memoirs of the Australian Museum, vol. 6, i-xii 1-122 p53
Macropus rufus pallidus Schwarz, 1910 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Schwarz, E. 1910, "Die Grossen Känguruhs und ihre geographischen Formen", Novitates Zoologicae, vol. 17, 86-108 p89
Macropus rufus dissimulator Lydekker, 1906 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Lydekker, R. 1906, "II. Mammalia", Ed. Sharp, D. (ed.), The Zoological Record being records of zoological literature relating chiefly to the year 1905, vol. 42, Zoological Society of London, London pMamm. 47
Macropus rufus dissimulatus Rothschild, 1905 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Rothschild, W. 1905, "Note on Macropus rufus Desm., with description of a new subspecies", Novitates Zoologicae, vol. 12, 508
Macropus lanigerus Gray, 1825 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Thomas, O. 1888, Catalogue of the Marsupialia and Monotremata in the Collection of the British Museum (Natural History), xiii 401 pp. 28 pls, British Museum, London
Macropus (Boriogale) magnus Owen, 1874 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Owen, R. 1874, "On the fossil mammals of Australia — Part VIII. Family Macropodidae: Genera Macropus, Osphranter, Phascolagus, Sthenurus and Protemnodon", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, vol. 164, 245-287 pls 20-27 p247
Macropus ruber Crisp, 1862 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Crisp, E. 1862, "On the situation, form, and capacity of the gall-bladder in the Vertebrata; on its absence in certain animals; and on the colour of the bile", Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, vol. 1862, 132-139 p135
Macropus (Osphranter) pictus Gould, 1861 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Gould, J. 1861, Mammals of Australia, vol. 1, text to pl. 26, J. Gould, London
Kangurus lanosus Gray, 1827 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Gray, J.E. 1827, In Griffith, E., Smith, C.H. & Pidgeon, E. (1825–1835). The Animal Kingdom arranged in conformity with its organisation, by the Baron Cuvier, member of the Institute of France, &c. with additional descriptions of all the species hitherto named, and of many not before noticed, vol. 5, G.B. Whittaker, London p202
Kangurus griseolanosus Quoy & Gaimard, 1825 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Quoy, J.R.C. & Gaimard, P. 1825, "Notice sur les mammifères et les oiseaux de la Baie de Chiens-Marins et de la Nouvelle-Galles Sud; sur leurs moeurs et leur distribution géographique", Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Paris, vol. 5, 476-491 p482
Kangurus laniger Gaimard, 1823 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Gaimard, P. 1823, "Sur une nouvelle espèce de Kanguroo lanieux (Kangurus lanigeri)", Bulletin des Sciences, par la Société Philomathique de Paris, vol. 1823, 138-139 p138
Megaleia rufa (Desmarest, 1822) synonym
  • AFD
Macropus rufus (Desmarest, 1822) synonym
  • AFD
Kangurus rufus Desmarest, 1822 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Desmarest, A.G. 1822, Mammologie ou description des espèces de mammifères part 2 in, Encyclopédie Méthodique (Dictionnaire Encyclopédique Méthodique.) Par ordre de Matières. Suppl. 2, Agasse, Paris p541
Indigenous Knowledge Name Source
Common Name Source
Red Kangaroo Australia
  • AFD
Name Source
Osphranter rufus (Desmarest, 1822) accepted
  • AFD
Identifier Source Taxon Concept current
  • AFD Scientific Name current
  • AFD Taxon unknown
  • AFD Taxon current
  • AFD Taxon LSID unknown
  • AFD


Osphranter rufus

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