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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Astrothorax waitei (Benham, 1909)
  • AFD
Published in:Baker, A.N. 1980, "Euryalinid Ophiuroidea (Echinodermata) from Australia, New Zealand, and the south-west Pacific Ocean", New Zealand Journal of Zoology, vol. 7, 11-83 figs 1-33 pp30-32, fig. 8, 31 (as <i>Astrothorax waitei</i>)
Synonym Source
Astrothamnus furtivus Koehler, 1930 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Koehler, R. 1930, "Ophiures recueillies par le Docteur Th. Mortensen dans les Mers d'Australie et dans l'Archipel Malais", Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra Dansk Naturhistorisk Forening i Kjøbenhavn, vol. 89, 1-295 pls 1-22 pp6-9, pl. 1(1-2)
Astrothamnus papillatus Clark, 1923 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Clark, H.L. 1923, "The echinoderm fauna of South Africa.", Annals of the South African Museum, vol. 13, no. 7, 221-435 figs 1-4 pls 8-23 pp316-318, pl. 20(5-6)
Astrothamnus rugosus Clark, 1916 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Clark, H.L. 1916, "I. Report on the sea-lilies, starfishes, brittle-stars and sea-urchins obtained by the F.I.S. Endeavour on the coasts of Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia.", Endeavour Research, vol. 4, no. 1, 1-123 figs 1-11 pls 1-44 pp85-86, pl. 35(1-2)
Astrotoma waitei Benham, 1909 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Benham, W.B. 1909, "Scientific results of the New Zealand Government trawling expedition 1907. Echinoderma.", Records of the Canterbury Museum, vol. 1, no. 2, 83-116 pls 7-11 pp101-104, pl. 9(1-6)
Common Name Source
Snakestar standard Australia
  • CAAB
Ophiuroid Australia
  • CAAB
Name Source
Astrothorax waitei ( Benham , 1909) accepted
  • NZOR
Astrothorax waitei (Benham, 1909) accepted
  • CAAB

Bare scientific name reallocated to Astrothorax waitei (Benham, 1909) by taxonomy builder

Astrothorax waitei (Benham, 1909) accepted
  • AFD
Identifier Source Taxon unknown
  • AFD
25171002 Taxon Concept current
  • CAAB Taxon Concept current
  • AFD Scientific Name current
  • NZOR
25171002 Taxon current
  • CAAB Scientific Name current
  • AFD Taxon LSID unknown
  • AFD
NZOR-6-72905 Taxon current
  • NZOR Taxon current
  • AFD


Astrothorax waitei

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