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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Phoronis hippocrepia Wright, 1856
  • AFD
Published in:Wright, T.S. 1859, "Note sur la Crepina de van Beneden", Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Paris, vol. 11, 150 p150
Synonym Source
Phoronis capensis Gilchrist, 1907 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Gilchrist, J.D.F. 1907, "New forms of the Hemichordata from South Africa", Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society, vol. 17, 151-176 p157
Phoronis kowaleswkii Benham, 1889 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Benham, W.B. 1889, "The anatomy of Phoronis australis", Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science (New Series), vol. 30, no. 2, 125-158 p126
Phoronis caespitosa Cori, 1889 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Cori, C.J. 1889, "Beitrag zur Anatomie der Phoronis", 48pp. p20
Phoronis gracilis van Beneden, 1858 synonym
  • AFD
Published in:Beneden van, P.J. 1858, "Note sur un annélide céphalobranche sans soies, désigné sous le nom de Crepina", Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Paris, vol. 10, 11-23
Common Name Source
Horseshoe Worm standard Australia
  • CAAB
Name Source
Phoronis hippocrepia Wright, 1856 accepted
  • CAAB

Bare scientific name reallocated to Phoronis hippocrepia Wright, 1856 by taxonomy builder

Phoronis hippocrepia Wright, 1856 accepted
  • AFD
Identifier Source Taxon unknown
  • AFD
19021009 Taxon current
  • CAAB
19021009 Taxon Concept current
  • CAAB Scientific Name current
  • AFD Taxon Concept current
  • AFD Taxon current
  • AFD Taxon LSID unknown
  • AFD


Phoronis hippocrepia

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