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Names and sources

Accepted Name Source
Guitarra fimbriata Carter, 1874
Published in:Burton, M. 1929, "Porifera. Part 2. Antarctic sponges", 393-458 pls 1-5 p426
Synonym Source
Guitarra antarctica novaezealandiae Dendy, 1924 synonym
Published in:Dendy, A. 1924, "Porifera. Part 1. Non-antarctic sponges" p336
Guitarra sigmatifera Topsent, 1916 synonym
Published in:Topsent, E. 1916, "Diagnoses d'Eponges recueillies dans l'Antarctique par le Pourquoi pas?", Bulletin du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle. Paris, vol. 22, 163-172 p170
Guitarra indica Dendy, 1916 synonym
Published in:Dendy, A. 1916, "Report on the non-calcareous sponges collected by Mr. James Hornell at Okhamandal in Kattiawar in 1905–6", Ed. Hornell, J. (ed.), Report to the Government of Baroda on the marine zoology of Okhamandal in Kattiawar, vol. 2, 93-146, pls 1-4, Williams & Norgate, London p124
Guitarra voluta Topsent, 1904 synonym
Published in:Topsent, E. 1904, "Spongiaires des Açores", Résultats des Campagnes Scientifiques accomplies par le Prince Albert I. Monaco, vol. 25, 1-280 18 pls p209
Guitarra bipocillifera Brøndsted, 1924 synonym
Published in:Bergquist, P.R. 1968, "The marine fauna of New Zealand: Porifera, Demospongiae, Part 1 (Tetractinomorpha and Lithistida)", Bulletin of the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, vol. 188, 1-105 15 pls 30 figs p11
Guitarra antarctica Hentschel, 1914 synonym
Published in:Hentschel, E. 1914, "Monaxone Kieselschwämme und Hornschwämme der Deutschen Südpolar-Expedition 1901–1903", 35-141 pls 4-8 p75
Common Name Source
Sponge standard Australia
Name Source
Guitarra fimbriata Carter, 1874 accepted
Guitarra fimbriata Carter , 1874 accepted
Guitarra fimbriata Carter, 1874 accepted

This species was originally described from northern Europe. Records from Australia and New Zealand are probably mis-identifications, and need to be re-examined to determine their true identity.

Bare scientific name reallocated to Guitarra fimbriata Carter, 1874 by taxonomy builder

Identifier Source
http://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/417026ba-e34c-4638-add8-4a5d3b1f1639 Taxon unknown
https://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/417026ba-e34c-4638-add8-4a5d3b1f1639 Taxon Concept current
10083001 Taxon current
10083001 Taxon Concept current
https://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/417026ba-e34c-4638-add8-4a5d3b1f1639 Taxon current
NZOR-6-63442 Taxon current
http://data.nzor.org.nz/names/93f45b2e-973d-4a02-ad0f-ea6037a91603 Scientific Name current
urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:417026ba-e34c-4638-add8-4a5d3b1f1639 Taxon LSID unknown
https://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/10e5211c-4d9d-4fc6-ac86-256abc253466 Scientific Name current


Guitarra fimbriata

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