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Names and sources

Name Source
Calvatia rubroflava (Cragin) Lloyd
  • AusFungi heterotypic
According to:AusFungi (2019), AusFungi 21 Jan. 2019
Published in:Lloyd, C.G. (1899), Mycological Notes 2. Mycological Writings 1 (2)
Name Source
Calvatia rubroflava (Cragin) Lloyd accepted
Calvatia rubroflava (Cragin) Lloyd heterotypic
  • AusFungi
Identifier Source
NZOR-6-116396 Taxon current
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/name/fungi/60022277 Scientific Name current
  • AusFungi
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/instance/fungi/60068328 Taxon current
  • AusFungi
http://id.biodiversity.org.au/instance/fungi/60068328 Taxon unknown
  • AusFungi
http://data.nzor.org.nz/names/8dbd950d-967c-4c9a-ad82-c31797e43018 Scientific Name current
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/instance/fungi/60068328 Taxon Concept current
  • AusFungi


Calvatia rubroflava

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