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Names and sources

Name Source
Hovea longifolia R.Br.
  • APC misapplied
According to:Curtis, W.M. & Morris, D.I. (1975), Angiospermae: Ranunculaceae to Myrtaceae. The Student's Flora of Tasmania Edn. 2, 1
Published in:Aiton, W.T. (1812), Hortus Kewensis Edn. 2, 4
Name Source
Hovea longifolia R.Br. misapplied
Identifier Source
http://id.biodiversity.org.au/instance/apni/924671 URI unknown
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/name/apni/69628 Scientific Name current
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/instance/apni/716211 Taxon Concept current
https://id.biodiversity.org.au/instance/apni/924671 Taxon current


Hovea longifolia

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