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  1. English Name: Botany Bay Weevil – Chrysolopus spectabilis

  2. species: Pterostylis sp. Botany Bay (A.Bishop J221/1-13) NSW Herbarium

    Kingdom: Plantae

  3. species: Chrysolopus spectabilis (Fabricius, 1775) – Diamond Weevil

    Diamond Weevil, Botany Bay Weevil, Diamond Beetle

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  4. species: Daphnella (Daphnella) botanica Hedley, 1918 – Botany Bay Turrid

    Botany Bay Turrid, Botanic Turrid

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  5. species: Pterostylis sp. Botany Bay – Botany Bay Bearded Orchid

    Kingdom: Plantae

  6. species: Pterostylis sp. Botany Bay (A.Bishop J221/1-13) (accepted name: Pterostylis sp. Botany Bay (A.Bishop J221/1-13) NSW Herbarium)

  7. Record a sighting
  8. Heteroptypic Synonym
  9. Data resource: Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Botany

    This database contains specimen records from the former herbarium of the Leiden University within the botanical collection of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Leiden, Netherlands). The Department of Botany houses the National Herbarium of the Netherlands (NHN) which consists of herbarium collections of the universities of Leiden, Wageningen and Utrecht. In 2010 the collection of the University of Amsterdam also moved to Naturalis...

  10. Region: BOTANY

    PSMA ABS SA2 Statistical Areas (2016)

  11. Region: BOTANY

    PSMA ABS SA3 Statistical Areas (2016)

  12. English Name: Botany Bay Bearded Orchid – Pterostylis sp. Botany Bay (A.Bishop J221/1-13)