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    VIC -37.5251389 141.3881944

  2. Data resource: Section Blackella

    Eucalyptus genus section

  3. Data resource: Section Corymbia

  4. Data resource: Section Eucalyptus

  5. Data resource: Section Symphyomyrtus

  6. Spatial layer: PSMA Section of State Range (2016)

  7. Locality: Peel River (A Section Of), WATERCOURSE, NSW_45469

    NSW -31.115 150.9511111

  8. Region: 10322 Wurugoij Creek Mangrove

    Estuary habitat mapping

  9. Region: 10332 Wurugoij Creek Mangrove

    Estuary habitat mapping

  10. Site Page: Biodiversity Heritage Library Australia: unlocking the treasures in Australia’s biodiversity literature – Atlas of Living Australia

    Posted on 24th May 2021 BHL Australia is a national project working to digitise Australia’s biodiversity heritage literature and make it freely accessible online. View or print this impact story as a PDF The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL is the world’s largest online library of biodiversity literature and archival materials...