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  1. species: Strophurus ciliaris (Boulenger, 1885) – Northern Spiny-Tailed Gecko

    Northern Spiny-Tailed Gecko, Gekou, Ngurrungurruh, Moloborndok, Yaminji, A-Bandayamah, Munhaŋaniŋ, Ngambarrarra, Yamiynji, Awaran

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. subspecies: Strophurus ciliaris aberrans (Glauert, 1952)

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  3. subspecies: Strophurus ciliaris ciliaris (Boulenger, 1885)

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  4. Site Page: Empowering future Indigenous land managers – Atlas of Living Australia

    Posted on 7th May 2019 Intergenerational traditional ecological knowledge transfer and Citizen Science by Yugul Mangi Rangers, Ben Kitchener, Dr. Emilie Ens Since colonisation, the coerced centralisation of Aboriginal groups meant that many Aboriginal people were disconnected from their Country. Across Australia there are concerted efforts by Indigenous communities to get back and reconnect to Country...

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