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  1. species: Pseudonaja textilis (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril, 1854) – Eastern Brown Snake

    Eastern Brown Snake, Common Brown Snake, Warrala

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. unranked: Pseudonaja textilis leswilliamsi Hoser, 2012 (accepted name: Species)

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  6. unranked: Pseudonaja textilis cliveevattii Hoser, 2012 (accepted name: Species)

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  9. Synonym
  10. unranked: Pseudonaja textilis rollinsoni Hoser, 2012 (accepted name: Species)

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  14. genus: Pseudonaja Günther, 1858

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  15. species: Catastygnus textilis Pascoe, 1871

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  16. species: Mycale (Paresperella) textilis (Whitelegge, 1906)

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  17. species: Pseudonaja modesta (Günther, 1872) – Ringed Brown Snake

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  18. species: Pseudonaja ingrami (Boulenger, 1908) – Ingram's Brown Snake

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  19. species: Pseudonaja inframacula (Waite, 1925) – Peninsula Brown Snake

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA