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  1. subspecies: Platycercus eximius elecica Schodde & Short, 1989 (accepted name: Platycercus (Violania) eximius elecica Schodde & Short, 1989)

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  4. unranked: Platycercus eximius colei Mathews, 1917 (accepted name: Platycercus eximius infrasp. eximius)

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  7. Synonym
  8. unranked: Platycercus eximius aureodorsalis McAllan & Bruce, 1989 (accepted name: Platycercus (Violania) eximius elecica Schodde & Short, 1989)

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  11. Synonym
  12. genus: Platycercus Vigors, 1825

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  13. genus: Platycerium Desv. – Staghorn Ferns

    Staghorn Ferns, Elkhorn Ferns, Staghorns

    Kingdom: Plantae

  14. genus: Platycerceis Baker, 1926

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  15. species: Platycercus (Violania) eximius (Shaw, 1792) – Eastern Rosella

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  16. species: Platycercus (Platycercus) elegans (Gmelin, 1788) – Crimson Rosella

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  17. species: Platycercus (Platycercus) caledonicus (Gmelin, 1788) – Green Rosella

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  18. species: Platycerium bifurcatum (Cav.) C.Chr. – Elkhorn

    Elkhorn, Elkhorn Fern, Staghorn Fern, Elk Horn

    Kingdom: Plantae