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  1. genus: Plagiotremus Gill, 1865

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. species: Spartina x townsendii H.Groves & J.Groves – Townsend Cord-Grass

    Townsend Cord-Grass, Rice Grass, Townsend's Cordgrass, Townsend's Cord-Grass

    Kingdom: Plantae

  3. species: Plagiotremus laudandus (Whitley, 1961) – Bicolor Fangblenny

    Bicolor Fangblenny, False Harp-Tail

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  4. species: Spartina townsendii H.Groves & J.Groves

    Kingdom: Plantae

  5. species: Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos (Bleeker, 1852) – Bluestriped Fangblenny

    Bluestriped Fangblenny, Twostripe Blenny, Tube-Worm Blenny, Blue-Lined Sabretooth Blenny, Blue-Lined Blenny

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  6. species: Plagiotremus tapeinosoma (Bleeker, 1857) – Piano Fangblenny

    Piano Fangblenny, Sabretooth Benny, Piano Blenny, Violet-Banded Blenny, Hit and Run Blenny, Mimic Blenny, Yellow Sabretooth Blenny

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  7. species: Spartina x townsendi H.Groves & J.Groves (accepted name: Spartina ×townsendii)

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  10. English Name: Townsend Cord-Grass – Spartina x townsendii

  11. species: Spartina x townsendii H.Groves & J.Groves (misapplied to Sporobolus anglicus)

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  14. species: Spartina x townsendii H.Groves & J.Groves (misapplied to Sporobolus anglicus)

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