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  1. species: Hippocampus breviceps Peters, 1869 – Shorthead Seahorse

    Shorthead Seahorse, Short-Head Seahorse, Shortsnout Seahorse, Short-Headed Seahorse, Short Snouted Seahorse, Short-Snouted Seahorse

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. species: Euryglossa breviceps Ogilby, 1910 (accepted name: Brachirus breviceps)

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  5. species: Muraenichthys breviceps Günther, 1876 (accepted name: Scolecenchelys breviceps)

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  8. species: Scolecenchelys breviceps (Günther, 1876) – Shorthead Worm Eel

    Shorthead Worm Eel, Short-Headed Worm Eel, Slender Eel, Devis' Worm-Eel, Ogilby's Worm-Eel, Longfinned Worm Eel, Long-Finned Worm Eel, Shortheaded Worm Eel, Short-Headed Worm-Eel

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  9. species: Nyctotheroides breviceps (Uttangi, 1958) ?

    Kingdom: PROTISTA

  10. unranked: Petaurus cunninghami Gray, 1843 (accepted name: Petaurus australis)

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  14. unranked: Didelphis petaurus Shaw, 1800 (accepted name: Petaurus australis)

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  18. unranked: Petaurus leucogaster Mitchell, 1838 (accepted name: Incertae Sedis)

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  22. unranked: Petaurus niger (Bechstein, 1800) (accepted name: Petauroides volans)

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  26. unranked: Trichobrachirus breviceps (Ogilby, 1910) (accepted name: Brachirus breviceps)

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