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  1. species: Petroica phoenicea Gould, 1837 (accepted name: Petroica phoenicea)

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  4. unranked: Petroica phoenicea albicans Mathews, 1912 (accepted name: Petroica phoenicea)

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  8. Support article: Wind, wind-farms, birds and bats

    Insights and predictions from the Atlas of Living Australia Authors: Eric Woehler and Lee Belbin Dr Eric Woehler Lee Belbin Wind is a significant and growing alternative energy source for Australia and other countries, with areas in southern Australia identified as suitable sites for wind farms...

  9. Site Page: ALA-cited publications – Atlas of Living Australia

    Have you used the ALA in your published (or soon-to-be published) research? Please let us know about it via this form. We’re interested in all types of research that the ALA supports including research publications in scientific journals, reports, book chapters, theses, as well as websites and apps. Online bibliography  This bibliography provides a list of known publications that have utilised data in the ALA or ALA infrastructure to support their research...

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