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  1. species: Notolabrus cinctus ( Hutton , 1877)

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. species: Eiratus tetricus Broun , 1880

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  3. species: Pseudolabrus tetricus<Trawl Fish Guide> (accepted name: Notolabrus tetricus)

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  6. species: Notolabrus fucicola (Richardson, 1840) – Purple Wrasse

    Purple Wrasse, Parrotfish, Saddled Wrasse, Kelpie, Winter Bream, Southern Purple Wrasse, Southern Wrasse, Purple Parrotfish, Banded Parrotfish, Yellow-Saddled Wrasse, Blue Wrasse

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  7. species: Notolabrus parilus (Richardson, 1850) – Brownspotted Wrasse

    Brownspotted Wrasse, Brown Spotted Wrasse, Orange-Spotted Wrasse, Brown-Spotted Wrasse, Brown-Spotted Parrotfish, Orangespotted Wrasse

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  8. species: Notolabrus gymnogenis (Günther, 1862) – Crimsonband Wrasse

    Crimsonband Wrasse, Crimson-Banded Parrot-Fish, White-Spotted Rainbow-Fish, Crimson-Banded Wrasse, Spotted Rainbowfish, Crimson Banded Wrasse

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  9. unranked: Octopus sp. cf tetricus – Octopus

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  10. unranked: Melampus tetricus Morelet, 1864 (accepted name: Ophicardelus quoyi H. & A. Adams, 1855)

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  14. unranked: Poropterus tetricus Pascoe, 1874 (accepted name: Paleticus tetricus)

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  18. unranked: Labrus tetricus Richardson, 1840 (accepted name: Notolabrus tetricus)

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