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  1. species: Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758 – House Mouse

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. subspecies: Mus musculus domesticus Hinton, 1916

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  3. unranked: Mus musculus nudoplicatus Gaskoin, 1856 (accepted name: Mus musculus infrasp. domesticus)

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  7. Site Page: Indigenous knowledge helps fill ecological information gaps in remote Arnhem Land: but is it too late for small mammals? – Atlas of Living Australia

    Posted on 18th March 2019 by Banul Munyarryun, Ben Kitchener, Gill Towler, Yirralka Rangers, Emilie Ens In June 2018, Yirralka Senior Ranger Banul Munyarryun, a respected cultural leader of north east Arnhem Land’s Dhalinybuy community, welcomed Macquarie University staff and other Yolŋu (NE Arnhem Aboriginal people) onto his country...

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