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  1. species: Pterygotrigla polyommata (Richardson, 1839) – Latchet

    Latchet, Flying Gurnard, Lachet Gurnard, Butterfly Gurnard, Sharpbeak Gurnard, Pastry, Spinybeak Gurnard, Sharp-Beaked Gurnard, Spiny Gurnard

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. species: Melichrus urceolatus (hairy-leafed form)

    Kingdom: Plantae

  3. species: Melichrus urceolatus R.Br. (misapplied to Melichrus adpressus)

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  6. species: Melichrus urceolatus R.Br. (misapplied to Melichrus erubescens)

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  8. Misapplied
  9. species: Trachymene sp. (Sharp Point J.R.Clarkson 2101) (accepted name: Trachymene sp. Sharp Point (J.R.Clarkson 2101) Qld Herbarium)

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  11. Heteroptypic Synonym
  12. section botany: Styphelia sect. Melichrus (R.Br.) Drude (accepted name: Melichrus)

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  15. Homotypic Synonym
  16. species: Sharpea azabuensis Morita et al., 2008

    Kingdom: Bacteria

  17. English Name: Hairy Melichrus – Melichrus sp. Newfoundland State Forest (P.Gilmour 7852)

  18. English Name: Hairy Melichrus – Melichrus hirsutus

  19. variety: Poa labillardierei var. acris Vickery – Sharp Mountain Tussock-Grass

    Kingdom: Plantae