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  1. species: Macronectes giganteus (Gmelin, 1789) – Southern Giant-Petrel

    Southern Giant-Petrel, Southern Giant Petrel, Stinker, Mother Carey's Sea Goose, Giant Fulmar, Nelly, Mother Carey's Goose, Stinkpot, Sea Goose, Bone-Shaker, Glutton, Mollymawk, Vulture of the Seas

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. unranked: Macronectes giganteus halli Mathews, 1912 (accepted name: Macronectes halli)

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  6. unranked: Macronectes giganteus wilsoni Mathews, 1912 (accepted name: Macronectes giganteus)

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  10. unranked: Macronectes giganteus dovei Mathews, 1916 (accepted name: Macronectes giganteus)

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