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  1. species: Glaucosoma scapulare Macleay, 1881 – Pearl Perch

    Pearl Perch, Pearly, Nannygai, Epaulette-Fish, Bull-Eye

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. genus: Glaucosoma Temminck & Schlegel, 1843 – Pearl Perch

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  3. species: Glaucosoma magnificum (Ogilby, 1915) – Threadfin Pearl Perch

    Threadfin Pearl Perch, Threadfin Pearl-Perch

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  4. species: Glaucosoma buergeri Richardson, 1845 – Northern Pearl Perch

    Northern Pearl Perch, Northern Dhufish, Deepsea Jewfish, Grey Bigmouth Bream

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  5. species: Glaucosoma hebraicum Richardson, 1845 – West Australian Dhufish

    West Australian Dhufish, Westralian Jewfish, Jewfish, Wa Pearl Perch, West Australian Jewfish, Dhufish, West Australian Pearl Perch, Jewie, Dhuie, Western Jewfish

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  6. unranked: Graucosoma Mathews, 1925 (accepted name: Edolisoma)

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  9. Data resource: Location and transport of early life stages of West Australian Dhufish, Glaucosoma hebraicum.

    A combination of methods have been developed and tested to locate for the first time early life stages (eggs and larvae) of West Australian Dhufish Glaucosoma hebraicum and provide a detailed map of their distribution at two sites off south-western Australia. The project demonstrated that: - The use of a hydrodynamic model can optimise and guide oceanographic sampling when there is a paucity of knowledge on spawning locations...

  10. Site Page: eDNA records now available on ALA – Atlas of Living Australia

    Posted on 11th February 2020 From monitoring fish species on reefs to mapping microbes in soils or searching for evidence of a monster in Loch Ness, eDNA based surveys are a scientific frontier. Short for environmental DNA, eDNA is the DNA found in cells shed by plants, animals and microbes into the environment, just as we shed hair and skin cells...

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