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  1. species: Fistularia petimba Lacépède, 1803 – Rough Flutemouth

    Rough Flutemouth, Rough Flute-Mouth, Red Cornetfish, Cornetfish, Deep-Sea Flute-Mouth, Flutemouth, Serrate Cornetfish

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. genus: Fistularia Linnaeus, 1758 – Flutemouth

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  3. species: Stephanostomum petimba Yamaguti, 1970

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  4. genus: Fistularia Bowerbank, 1844 (accepted name: Aplysina)

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  8. species: Fistularia commersonii Rüppell, 1838 – Smooth Flutemouth

    Smooth Flutemouth, Smooth Flute-Mouth, Smooth Cornetfish, Bluespotted Cornetfish

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  9. species: Paracoccus fistulariae Kim et al., 2010

    Kingdom: Bacteria

  10. species: Tintinnus fistularis

    Kingdom: PROTISTA

  11. unranked: Fistularia immaculata Cuvier, 1816 (accepted name: Fistularia petimba)

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  15. unranked: Fistularia villosa Klunzinger, 1871 (accepted name: Fistularia petimba)

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  19. unranked: Fistularia chinensis Linnaeus, 1766 (accepted name: Aulostomus chinensis)

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