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  1. Data resource: Mosquitos that carry RRV

  2. Locality: Mosquitto Creek Primary School, PRIMARY SCHOOL, SA_SA0035036

    SA -37.09497 140.77591

  3. unranked: Erythroxylum sp. Cholmondely Creek

  4. Site Page: Hunting the snark – Atlas of Living Australia

    Posted on 19th March 2013 By Lee Belbin (Atlas of Living Australia) and Norm McKenzie (Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia) Mormopterus loriae at Dampier Peninsula 1977 Mangroves are a much maligned group of trees. Yes, most of the time they do not make for a comfortable human environment. In mangroves, you could be up to your neck in mud being bitten by clouds of sand flies and eyeing a 5m croc (who is eying you) in 48 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity...

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    Have you used the ALA in your published (or soon-to-be published) research? Please let us know about it via this form. We’re interested in all types of research that the ALA supports including research publications in scientific journals, reports, book chapters, theses, as well as websites and apps. Online bibliography  This bibliography provides a list of known publications that have utilised data in the ALA or ALA infrastructure to support their research...