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  1. species: Cephalopholis sonnerati (Valenciennes, 1828) – Tomato Rockcod

    Tomato Rockcod, Tomato Rock-Cod, Tomato Grouper, Orange-Spotted Rock-Cod, Orange-Spotted Cod, Tomato Hind, Tomato Cod, Tomato Rock Cod

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. species: Cephalopholis miniata (Forsskål, 1755) – Coral Rockcod

    Coral Rockcod, Coral Hind, Coral Cod, Coral Rock-Cod, Round-Tailed Trout, Coral Trout, Red Coral Grouper, Vermillion Seabass

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  3. species: Cephalopholis cyanostigma (Valenciennes, 1828) – Bluespotted Rockcod

    Bluespotted Rockcod, Bluespot Cod, Blue-Spotted Grouper, Blue-Spotted Rock-Cod, Blue-Spotted Rockcod, Bluespotted Hind

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  4. species: Cephalopholis leopardus (Lacépède, 1801) – Leopard Rockcod

    Leopard Rockcod, Redspot Coral Cod, Leopard Cod, Red-Spotted Rockcod, Leopard Grouper, Leopard Hind, Red-Spotted Rock-Cod

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  5. species: Megachile sexmaculata Smith, 1868 (accepted name: Megachile sexmaculata)

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  8. species: Cephalopholis urodeta (Forster, 1801) – Flagtail Rockcod

    Flagtail Rockcod, Darkfin Hind, Flagtail Rock-Cod, Chevron Rock-Cod, Flag-Tailed Rockcod, Flagtail Cod, Darkfin Grouper, Duskyfin Hind, Flag-Tailed Rock-Cod, Flag-Tailed Cod

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  9. species: Syllides sexoculata Hartmann-Schroder, 1962 (accepted name: Anoplosyllis sexoculata)

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  12. species: Pulvinulina permaculata Fischer, 1921

    Kingdom: PROTISTA

  13. unranked: Thynnus sexmaculata Smith, 1859 (accepted name: Neozeleboria sexmaculata)

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  17. unranked: Cheliomenes sexmaculata australis Weise, 1908 (accepted name: Cheilomenes sexmaculata)

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