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  1. variety: Crotalaria dissitiflora var. eremaea (F.Muell.) Benth. (misapplied to Crotalaria eremaea subsp. eremaea)

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  4. form: Crotalaria linifolia f. perangusta Domin - excluded name

  5. Site Page: Simpson Desert full of life on camel trek Day 3 – Atlas of Living Australia

    Posted on 5th July 2011 Camp Day 3 (July 4th 2011). Lat -23 .93926. Long 138.57945. Elev 94 m. Time 4.06 pm. By Paul Flemons, Australian Museum Weather has been fine with a cool wind – good walking conditions. Tip: Hover mouse over photo to see caption. Click on photos to see different sizes and/or make a comment on Flickr. Long day of trekking – up at 6am, breakfast 7am...