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  1. species: Cassinia laevis R.Br. – Cough Bush

    Cough Bush, Cough-Bush, Wild Rosemary, Curry Bush, Wild Curry, Rosemary Bush, Coughbush, Rosemary Shrub

    Kingdom: Plantae

  2. species: Cassinia laevis R.Br. - Cassinia longifolia R.Br.

    Kingdom: Plantae

  3. species: Cassinia laevis R.Br. (misapplied to Cassinia aculeata)

  4. Record a sighting
  5. Misapplied
  6. species: Cassinia laevis R.Br. (misapplied to Cassinia longifolia)

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  8. Misapplied
  9. subspecies: Cassinia laevis subsp. rosmarinifolia (A.Cunn. ex DC.) Orchard

    Kingdom: Plantae

  10. subspecies: Cassinia laevis R.Br. subsp. laevis

    Kingdom: Plantae

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