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  1. species: Aristida jerichoensis (Domin) Henrard – Jericho Wiregrass

    Kingdom: Plantae

  2. variety: Aristida jerichoensis (Domin) Henrard var. jerichoensis – Jericho Wiregrass

    Kingdom: Plantae

  3. species: Aristida jerichoensis (Domin) Henrard (misapplied to Aristida benthamii var. benthamii)

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  5. Misapplied
  6. variety: Aristida jerichoensis var. subspinulifera Henrard – Jericho Wiregrass

    Jericho Wiregrass, No. 9 Wiregrass, Blue Speargrass, Number Nine, Jericho Wire-Grass

    Kingdom: Plantae

  7. variety: Aristida jerichoensis (Domin) Henrard var. jerichoensis (misapplied to Aristida calycina var. calycina)

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  9. Misapplied
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