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  • Section: Data resource
  1. Data resource: I See Change

    iSeeChange is an unprecedented national climate reporting project that uniquely combines citizen science, using public media to reach people and cutting edge wx data collection methods. Built as a crowdsourced wx almanac for a national user base, iSeeChange also connects to radio audiences on climate related issues in their daily work and play through their stories...

  2. Data resource: East Gippsland Rail Trail Conservation Project - Stage 4

    This project will restore and rehabilitate significant vegetation communities (endangered ecological communities) and enhance habitat of threatened species along the East Gippsland Rail Trail. The four stages of the project will restore native ecosystems along the 100km trail from Bairnsdale to Orbost...

  3. Data resource: NESP Project 1.1 - Developing evidence-based management tools and protocols to reduce impacts of introduced predators on threatened mammals

    Feral cats and foxes, as well as changed fire regimes and introduced herbivores, have caused many species extinctions and remain a serious threat to Australia’s vertebrate species, especially its mammals. This research aims to find the best management actions to reduce the impacts of feral predators, and help restore native animal populations including threatened species...

  4. Data resource: Blowering Foreshores revegetation project.

    About 2000 hectares of previously cleared agricultural land on the foreshores of the Blowering dam was included in Kosciuszko National Park on its gazettal in 1967. A legacy of this prior agricultural use is a heavy weed load in a highly disturbed environment...

  5. Data resource: Newhaven Sanctuary observations

    Observations recorded within the Newhaven Sanctuary, Northern Territory

  6. Data resource: Mt Buffalo Field Naturalist Group

    A website introducing the public to describing the aims and meetings of the Naturalist group.

  7. Data resource: [C4OC] Land Health

    Changes in soil management and sustainable farming practices have the potential to generate productivity gains and environmental improvements in the dairy, cropping and grazing industries in Corangamite. This project is based on the understanding that many of these practices could be more widely adopted than they are currently. Some are innovative, like pasture cropping, while others are more widely known...

  8. Data resource: Building coastal resilience / Sunshine Coast / priority coastal restoration

    This application addresses 3 strategic priority beach units (Alexandra Headlands, Buddina Kawana and Maroochydore) for erosion mitigation works which have been identified within the Sunshine Coast CouncilÍs Shoreline Erosion Management Plan. The project seeks to restore coastal vegetation communities increasing their natural resilience, their flora and fauna assemblages and connectivity and ultimately assist in the stabilisation of a highly vulnerable system...

  9. Data resource: Illinois RiverWatch

    The Illinois RiverWatch program engages citizen science volunteers in stewardship, education, and science for Illinois rivers. By becoming a trained volunteer, you can help collect a variety of quality ensured data and help contribute to statewide biological monitoring efforts...

  10. Data resource: AustralianFauna.Com

    Just fair dinkum Aussie animal info.