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  1. species: Phascolarctos cinereus (Goldfuss, 1817) – Koala

    Guba, Koala, Koala (Qld/Nsw/Act Population)

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  2. species: Litoria raniformis (Keferstein, 1867) – Southern Bell Frog

    Southern Bell Frog, Warty Swamp Frog, Growling Grass Frog, Golden Bell Frog, Green and Golden Frog, Green and Gold Frog

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  3. species: Thesium australe R.Br. – Southern Toadflax

    Southern Toadflax, Austral Toad-Flax, Toadflax, Austral Toadflax

    Kingdom: Plantae

  4. species: Eucalyptus aggregata H.Deane & Maiden – Black Gum

    Black Gum, Flooded Gum, Sally, Messmate, Peppermint, Swamp Peppermint

    Kingdom: Plantae

  5. species: Pomaderris pallida N.A.Wakef. – Pale Pomaderris

    Kingdom: Plantae

  6. species: Daphoenositta (Neositta) chrysoptera (Latham, 1801) – Varied Sittella

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  7. species: Hieraaetus (Hieraaetus) morphnoides (Gould, 1841) – Little Eagle

    Little Eagle, Australian Little Eagle

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  8. species: Euastacus armatus (von Martens, 1866) – Murray Crayfish

    Murray Crayfish, Murray River Crayfish, Murray Cray, Murray Spiny Crayfish

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  9. species: Grantiella picta (Gould, 1838) – Painted Honeyeater

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA

  10. species: Delma impar (Fischer, 1882) – Many-Lined Delma

    Many-Lined Delma, Striped Legless Lizard, Striped Snake-Lizard

    Kingdom: ANIMALIA