BIE Search API

Web services for searching taxonomic concepts and general search across the system. Please see the API page for full details.

Taxon details GET JSON /ws/species/{GUID}
Taxon details - simple GET JSON /ws/species/shortProfile/{GUID}
Search GET JSON /ws/search?q={search terms}
Autocomplete GET JSON /ws/auto?q={search terms}
Classification GET JSON /ws/classification/{GUID}
Child concepts GET JSON /ws/childConcepts/{GUID}
Image search GET JSON /ws/imageSearch/{GUID}
Image link GET IMG /ws/species/image/[thumbnail|large|small]/{GUID}
Update Image POST IMG /ws/import/updateImages { "guidImageList": [ {"guid": GUID, "image": "63c06642-ab33-48b9-b04b-2f321d24f104"} ] }
Bulk lookup by GUID POST JSON /ws/species/guids/bulklookup [ "guid", ...]
Bulk lookup by name POST JSON /ws/species/lookup/bulk { names: [ "name", ... ], "vernacular": false }
Habitat list GET JSON /ws/habitats
Habitat tree GET JSON /ws/habitats/tree
Habitats for species GET JSON /ws/search/getHabitatIDs/{GUID}
Habitat details GET JSON /ws/search/getHabitat/{GUID}
Recognised ranks GET JSON /ws/ranks
Indexed fields GET XML /ws/indexFields
Species groups GET JSON /ws/subgroups.json