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    Source: Australian National Fish Collection Images
    Image by: B. Hutchins, Western Australian Museum
    Rights: B. Hutchins, Western Australian Museum


The Rough Leatherjacket has a compressed body, an acutely pointed snout and a small mouth. It is covered with coarse scales that make the skin very rough to touch. source: Australian Museum Factsheets

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Species Lists

RLS profile v3
Abundance: 2.137
Behaviour: This leatherjacket is common in seagrass beds and on estuarine reefs in southern Australia and is particularly abundant in NSW
Commercial_Uses: None, other than trivial captures for aquarium trade
Common_Name: Rough leatherjacket;
Depth: 0–30 m
Description: The rough leatherjacket has a coarse skin with fine filaments, large dorsal spine, extendable flap of skin on the belly, and a characteristic pattern on the tail fin. The body pattern is somewhat variable, but often includes a dark patch above and just behind the pectoral fin and a network of small polygonal blotches
Distribution: Shark Bay, WA, to Maroochydore, Qld, and northern Tas.
Frequency: 3.199
Habitat: Sheltered and moderately exposed reef, seagrass
IUCN_Threat_status: Not assessed
Invasive: Not known to be invasive
Max_size: 300 mm
Range: 1401.812
Threats: Seagrass habitat decline
South Australian Fish from the AFD

Names and sources

Accepted name Source
Scobinichthys granulatus


Synonyms Source
Balistes granulata White, 1790 White, 1790
Published in: White, J. 1790. Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales with sixty-five plates of non-descript animals, birds, lizards, serpents, curious cones of trees and other natural productions London : Debrett pp. 299 pp. 65 pls
Monacanthus perulifer Castelnau, 1872 Castelnau, 1872
Published in: Castelnau, F.L. de 1872. Contribution to the ichthyology of Australia. 2. Note on some South Australian fishes. Proc. Zool. Acclim. Soc. Vict. Vol. 1 pp. 243-248
Monacanthus brunneus Castelnau, 1873
Published in: Castelnau, F.L. de 1873. Contribution to the ichthyology of Australia. 6. Notes on fishes from Knob Island. Proc. Zool. Acclim. Soc. Vict. Vol. 2 pp. 98-109
Monacanthus brunneus Castelnau, 1873 Castelnau, 1873
Monacanthus margaritifer Castelnau, 1873 Castelnau, 1873
Published in: Castelnau, F.L. de 1873. Contribution to the ichthyology of Australia. 4. Fishes of South Australia. Proc. Zool. Acclim. Soc. Vict. Vol. 2 pp. 59-82
Monacanthus obscurus Castelnau, 1875 Castelnau, 1875
Published in: Castelnau, F.L. de 1875. Researches on the fishes of Australia. Intercolonial Exhibition Essays. 2. pp. 1–52 in, Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition of 1876 : Official Record. Melbourne
Monacanthus daemelii Günther, 1876 Günther, 1876
Published in: Günther, A. 1876. Remarks on fishes, with descriptions of new species in the British Museum, chiefly from southern seas. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. Ser. 4 Vol. 17 (43) pp. 389-402
Monacanthus santijoanni Castelnau, 1878 Castelnau, 1878
Published in: Castelnau, F.L. de 1878. Australian fishes, new or little known species. Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W. Ser. 1 Vol. 2 (3) pp. 225-248 pls 1-2
Tantalisor pauciradiatus Whitley, 1947 Whitley, 1947
Published in: Whitley, G.P. 1947. New sharks and fishes from Western Australia. Part 3. Aust. Zool. Vol. 11 (2) pp. 129-150 figs 1-3 pl. 11

Common Names

Common name Source
Rough Leatherjacket
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Rough Leather-jacket
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Rough Leatherjackets
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Working classification

Scobinichthys granulatus  Recorded in Australia

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