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 Recorded In Australia
 Terrestrial Habitats
Conservation status
NTNear Threatened
IUCNLeast Concern

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Species Lists

Birds Australia Sensitive Species List
Northern Territory Threatened Species
Genus: Psephotus
specificEpithet: dissimilis
taxonID: 734
conservation status code: NT
conservation status: Near Threatened
Biological, ecological, conservation and legal information for all species and subspecies of Australian bird
genus: Psephotellus
specificEpithet: dissimilis
infraspecificEpithet: NA
scientificName_CandB: Psephotus dissimilis
nameAccordingTo: Genus from del Hoyo et al. (2014)
Family_vernacularName: Parrots, Lorikeets and Rosellas
family: Psittaculidae
order: Psittaciformes
taxonRank: species
Ultrataxon: 1
UltrataxaPerSpecies: 1
SpeciesPerGenus: 4
GeneraPerFamily: 45
FamiliesPerOrder: 4
SpeciesUniqueness: 11.2
UltrataxonUniqueness: 19.3
PatchClade: Psittacidae1
HackettFineClades: Parrots
HackettCoarseClades: Parrots
PopulationDescription: Endemic (entirely Australian)
establishmentMeans: Endemic (entirely Australian)
CoreTaxa: 1
Non-breedingPopulationsOfCoreTaxa: 0
Extinct: 0
Introduced: 0
Vagrant: 0
Supplementary: 0
EndemicEntirelyInAustralia: 1
EndemicBreedingOnly: 0
Non-breedingOnly: 0
PercentInAustraliaBreeding: 7
PercentInAustraliaNon-breeding: 7
GlobalIUCNStatus_2015: LC
GlobalIUCNCriteria_2015: NA
AustralianStatus_1990: LC
AustralianStatusCriteria_1990: NA
AustralianStatus_2000: LC
AustralianStatusCriteria_2000: NA
AustralianStatus_2010: LC
AustralianStatusCriteria_2010: NA
AustralianStatusJuly_2015: LC
AustralianStatusCriteriaJuly_2015: NA
EPBCStatusJuly_2015: not listed
EPBCYearListed: NA
BonnConvention: not listed
CAMBA: not listed
JAMBA: not listed
ROKAMBA: not listed
Migratory: not listed
EPBCMarine: not listed
ACTStatus_2015: not listed
NSWStatus_2015: not listed
NTStatus_2015: not listed
QLDStatus_2015: LC
SAStatus_2015: not listed
TASStatus_2015: not listed
VICStatus_2015: not listed
WAStatus_2015: not listed
AustralianCapitalTerritory: not listed
NewSouthWales: not listed
NorthernTerritory: Core
Queensland: not listed
SouthAustralia: not listed
Tasmania: not listed
Victoria: not listed
WesternAustralia: not listed
NorfolkIsland: not listed
LordHoweIsland: not listed
HeardIsland: not listed
MacquarieIsland: not listed
ChristmasIsland: not listed
CocosKeelingIsland: not listed
AshmoreAndOtherIndianOceanIslands: not listed
CoralSea: not listed
AustralianFishingZone: 0
AlsoInPapuaNewGuinea: not listed
ConnectivityWithPapuaNewGuinea: NA
AlsoInIndonesia: not listed
ConnectivityWithIndonesia: NA
AlsoInTimor-Leste: not listed
ConnectivityWithTimor-Leste: NA
AlsoInNewZealand: not listed
ConnectivityWithNewZealand: NA
AlsoInNewCaledonia: not listed
ConnectivityWithNewCaledonia: NA
AustralianContinentalIslandOnly: 0
AustralianOceanicIslandOnly: 0
BodyLength: 27
BodyLengthMin: 26
BodyLengthMax: 28
BodyMassAverage: 48.2
BodyMassMin: 39.0
BodyMassMax: 56.0
MaleBodyMassAverage: 52.8
MaleBodyMassMin: 50.0
MaleBodyMassMax: 56.0
FemaleBodyMassAverage: 43.5
FemaleBodyMassMin: 39.0
FemaleBodyMassMax: 48.0
UnsexedBodyMassAverage: NAV
UnsexedBodyMassMin: NAV
UnsexedBodyMassMax: NAV
SourceOfBodyMassData: HANZAB
BrainVolume: 1.74
BrainMass: 1.80
BrainMassResidual: 0.17
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialAridShrubland: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialChenopodShrubland: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialHeath: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialTriodiaHummockGrassland: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialOtherGrassland: 1
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialMallee: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialTropicalSavannaWoodland: 1
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialTemperateDrySclerophyllForestAndWoodland: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialTemperateWetSclerophyllForestAndWoodland: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialRainforest: 0
FeedingHabitatTerrestrialMangroveTrees: 0
FeedingHabitatInlandWatersRiversAndStreams: 0
FeedingHabitatInlandWatersDeepOpenWater: 0
FeedingHabitat_Inland_waters_Shallow_open_water: 0
FeedingHabitatInlandWatersReedsAndTallWetGrassland: 0
FeedingHabitatInlandWatersLowMarshlandAndWetGrassland: 0
FeedingHabitatCoastalSandy: 0
FeedingHabitatCoastalRocky: 0
FeedingHabitatCoastalSoftMud: 0
FeedingHabitatCoastalSaltmarsh: 0
FeedingHabitatCoastalMangroveFloor: 0
FeedingHabitatMarineVeryColdPelagic: 0
FeedingHabitatMarineColdPelagic: 0
138FeedingHabitatMarineTemperatePelagic: 0
FeedingHabitatMarineWarmPelagic: 0
FeedingHabitatMarineColdInshore: 0
FeedingHabitatMarineTemperateInshore: 0
FeedingHabitatMarineWarmInshore: 0
FeedingHabitatOtherNon-AustralianHabitat: 0
FeedingHabitatAgriculturalLandscapes: 0
FeedingHabitatUrbanLandscapes: 0
BreedingHabitatAridShrubland: 0
BreedingHabitatChenopodShrubland: 0
BreedingHabitatHeath: 0
BreedingHabitatTriodiaHummockGrassland: 0
BreedingHabitatOtherGrassland: 0
BreedingHabitatMallee: 0
BreedingHabitatTropicalSavannaWoodland: 1
BreedingHabitatTemperateDrySclerophyllForestAndWoodland: 0
BreedingHabitatTemperateWetSclerophyllForestAndWoodland: 0
BreedingHabitatRainforest: 0
BreedingHabitatMangrove: 0
BreedingHabitatInlandWetland: 0
BreedingHabitatBeachesAndSandCays: 0
BreedingHabitatRockyCoastsAndIslets: 0
BreedingHabitatOtherNon-AustralianHabitats: 0
BreedingHabitatAgriculturalLands: 0
BreedingHabitatUrban: 0
FoodFruit: 0
FoodNectarOrPollen: 0
FoodSeeds: 1
FoodFoliageOrherbs: 1
FoodCormsOrtub: 0
FoodTerrestrial_invertebrates: 0
FoodTerrestrialVertebrates: 0
FoodCarrion: 0
FoodIntertidalInvertebrates: 0
FoodFishOrInvertebratesMarine: 0
FoodfishOrInvertebratesInlandWaters: 0
FeedingAggregationSolitary: 0
FeedingAggregationPairs: 1
FeedingAggregationFlocks: 1
MeanFlightInitiationDistance: NAV
ClutchSizeAverage: 4.5
ClutchSizeMin: 3
ClutchSizeMax: 6
EggLength: 20.7
EggDiameter: 18.2
NestLocationGroundLevel: 0
NestLocationSupported: 0
NestLocationHanging: 0
NestLocationBurrow: 1
NestLocationHollow: 0
NestLocationFloating: 0
NestAggregationSolitary: 1
NestAggregationColonial: 0
NestAggregationParasitic: 0
BreedingSystemCooperative: 0
NationalMovementLocalDispersal: 1
NationalMovementPartialMigrant: 0
NationalMovementTotalMigrant: 0
NationalMovementNomadicOropportunistic: 0
NationalMovementIrruptive: 0
NatureOfInternationalMovements: none
MixingBeyondAustralia: 0
LevelOfInternationalGeneticExchange: nil
LevelOfInternationalGeneticExchangeReliability: certain
MaximumTimeElapsedToRecapture: NAV
MaximumDistanceOfRecapture: NAV
NumberOfBandedBirdsRecovered: NAV
ClimateSpecialisation: 5.521
SpecialisationIndex: 1.14
SensitivityIndex: 1.09
AreaOfSuitableClimateInsideRange: 99
AreaOfSuitableClimateOutsideRange: 80
PercentOfSuitableClimateCurrentlyInsideRange: 56
PercentOfSuitableClimateRemainingInsideRange: 0
InsideRange_10thPercentile: 0
InsideRange_90thPercentile: 5
PercentOfSuitableClimateRemainingOutsideRange: 2
OutsideRange_10thPercentile: 0
OutsideRange_90thPercentile: 81
ClimateModelFactorAnnualMeanTemperature: 3
ClimateModelFactorTemperatureSeasonality: 0
ClimateModelFactorMaxTemperatureOfWarmestMonth: 3
ClimateModelFactorMinTemperatureOfColdestMonth: 6
ClimateModelFactorAnnualPrecipitation: 1
ClimateModelFactorPrecipitationSeasonality: 5
ClimateModelFactorPrecipitationOfWettestQuarter: 41
ClimateModelFactorPrecipitationOfDriestQuarter: 40
MeanMarineProductivityAroundBreedingColonies: NA
MaximumMarineProductivityAroundBreedingColonies: NA
ChangeInMarineProductivityAroundBreedingColonies: NA
ChangeInMaximumMarineProductivityAroundBreedingColonies: NA
BirdLifeAustraliaSpeciesNumber: 301
BirdLifeAustraliaTaxonID: u301
Northern Territory : Conservation Status
sourceStatus: Near Threatened
status: Near Threatened

Names and sources

Accepted name Source
Psephotus (Psephotellus) dissimilis


Synonyms Source
Psephotus dissimilis Collett, 1898 Collett, 1898 Collett, 1898
Published in: Collett, R. 1898. On some pigeons and parrots from north and north-west Australia. Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond. Vol. 1898 pp. 353-357
Psephotus cucullatus North, 1909 North, 1909 North, 1909
Published in: North, A.J. 1909. Note on some living examples of Psephotus dissimilis. Vict. Nat. Vol. 25 pp. 175-176
Psephotus chrysopterygius blaauwi Oort, 1910 Oort, 1910 Oort, 1910
Published in: van Oort, E.D. 1910. On a new form of the genus Psephotus. Notes Leyden Mus. Vol. 32 pp. 71-72
Psephotellus chrysopterygius dorotheae Mathews, 1915 Mathews, 1915 Mathews, 1915
Published in: Mathews, G.M. 1915. Additions and corrections to my List of the Birds of Australia. Austral Avian Rec. Vol. 2 pp. 123-133

Common Names

Common name Source
Hooded Parrot
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Working classification

Psephotus (Psephotellus)
Psephotus (Psephotellus) dissimilis  Recorded in Australia

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