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    Source: Australian National Fish Collection Images
    Image by: BIO Photography Group, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario
    Rights: BIO Photography Group, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario


The Chevroned Butterflyfish has a white body with black chevron markings on the side. A black bar passes through the eye and the caudal fin is black with a yellow margin. Juvenile Chevroned Butterflyfish are similar to the adults, except they have a yellow caudal fin and a black bar across the rear of the body.... source: Australian Museum Factsheets

The Chevroned Butterflyfish is white with narrow chevron markings on the body. It has a bold black bar through the eye. The tail is black with a yellow margin. Juveniles are similar to adults but have yellow tail and a black bar across the rear of the body. It is territorial and defends its territory from other coral-eating butterflyfish.... source: OZ Animals

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Species Lists

Australian iconic species
RLS profile v3
Abundance: 3.315
Behaviour: Generally occurs in pairs, which move slowly over the reef within small territories picking at small invertebrates.
Common_Name: Chevron butterflyfish;Chevroned butterflyfish
Description: Squarish butterflyfish with about 17 thin black chevrons on white sides, spiky orange dorsal fin, black bar through eye, and black tailfin bordered in orange. Distinguished from Chaetodon mertensii by more chevrons on side (about 17 not 5-6) and black rather than orange tail.
Diet: hard corals
Frequency: 4.068
IUCN_Threat_status: Near Threatened
Invasive: Not known to be invasive
Range: 2162.040
Threats: Overharvesting for aquarium trade

Names and sources

Accepted name Source
Chaetodon trifascialis


Synonyms Source
Megaprotodon strigantulatus (Gmelin, 1789)
Published in: Whitley, G.P. 1964. A survey of Australian Ichthyology. Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W. Vol. 89 (1) pp. 11-127
Megaprotodon strigantulatus (Gmelin, 1789) (Gmelin, 1789)
Megaprotodon trifascialis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825)
Published in: Allen, G.R., Hoese, D.F., Paxton, J.R., Randall, J.E., Russell, B.C., Starck, W.A., Talbot, F.H. & Whitley, G.P. 1976. Annotated checklist of the fishes of Lord Howe Island. Rec. Aust. Mus. Vol. 30 (15) pp. 365-454 figs 1-2
Megaprotodon trifascialis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825)
Published in: Dor, M. 1984. CLOFRES, Checklist of the Fishes of the Red Sea Jerusalem : Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities pp. 437 pp. 2 figs
Megaprotodon trifascialis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825)
Chaetodon strigangulus Cuvier, 1831 Cuvier, 1831
Published in: Cuvier, G.L. in Cuvier, G.L. & Valenciennes, A. 1831. Histoire Naturelle des Poissons Paris : Levrault Vol. 7 pp. 531 pp. pls 170-208

Common Names

Common name Source
Chevron Butterflyfish
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Chevroned Butterflyfish
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Right-angled Butterfly-fish
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Acropora Butterfly
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Rightangle Butterflyfish
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Rightangled Butterflyfish
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Triangulate Butterflyfish
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V-lined Butterflyfish
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Working classification

Chaetodon trifascialis  Recorded in Australia

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