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 Recorded In Australia
 Marine Habitats
Conservation status
VICListed under FFG Act

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    Source: Australian National Fish Collection Images
    Image by: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO
    Rights: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO, Image enhancement funded by CSIRO/FRDC


The Great White Shark has a large spindle shaped body, a conical snout and large first dorsal fin and pectoral fins. It is grey or bronze or black above with white underside. The teeth are triangular and serrated. The eyes are small and black. It has a crescent shaped tail. source: OZ Animals

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Species Lists

Queensland : Conservation Status
taxonId: 22535
Kingdom: animals
Class: cartilaginous fishes
Family: Lamnidae
scientificNameAuthorship: (Linnaeus, 1758)
status: #N/A
sourceStatus: #N/A
QLD_NCA_status_description: #N/A
EPBC_status: V
EPBC_status description: Vulnerable
Significant: Y
Endemicity: QAI
Endemicity_description: Naturally occurs in Australia and overseas
Advisory List of Threatened Vertebrate Fauna in Victoria 2013
VIC Advisory List: Vulnerable
Migratory species - EPBC
Bonn: A1
Museums Field Guide apps species profiles – vertebrates
Brief description: Grey above, white below, black eyes, pointed snout.
Description : A large powerful shark with a very high first dorsal fin, a crescent-shaped tail, large triangular serrated teeth, and very small anal and second dorsal fins. Bluish-grey to greyish-brown above, abruptly changing to a white underside. May reach 6.4 m in length and a weight of 3000 kg.
Biology : This extremely dangerous and voracious apex predator is responsible for many fatal attacks on humans. Adults usually feed on seals, penguins, fishes and seabirds. White Sharks are warm-blooded. They have a special heat-exchange circulatory system and can maintain body temperatures up to 14C higher than the surrounding seawater. White Sharks are protected in all Australian waters, including territorial waters, and in many other parts of the world.
Habitat: Open water, including near seal colonies and other food sources.
Native status: Recorded in Australia
Diet: Carnivore
Distribution: Southern Australia.
Habitat types: Marine
Depth: Deep (>30m)
Water column: Surface,Midwater,On or near seafloor
Commercial species: False
Author credit: Dianne J. Bray, Dr Martin F. Gomon / Museum Victoria
Tasmania : Conservation Status
vernacular: White Shark
status: Endangered
sourceStatus: Vulnerable
Victoria : Conservation Status
vernacular: White Shark
status: null
sourceStatus: Listed under FFG Act
Victoria : Conservation Status
vernacular: White Shark
status: Endangered
sourceStatus: Vulnerable
Western Australia ; Conservation status
vernacular: White Shark
status: Endangered
sourceStatus: Vulnerable
Western Australia : Conservation Status / Sensitive Species Lists
Rank: VU
category: VU
Australia wide : Conservation Status : EPBC
status: Vulnerable
sourceStatus: Vulnerable
vernacular: White Shark

Names and sources

Accepted name Source
Carcharodon carcharias


Synonyms Source
Carcharhinus carcharias (Linnaeus, 1758)
Published in: Whitley, G.P. 1934. Notes on some Australian sharks. Mem. Qld Mus. Vol. 10 (4) pp. 180-200 figs 1-4 pls 27-29
Carcharhinus carcharias (Linnaeus, 1758) (Linnaeus, 1758) (Linnaeus, 1758)
Squalus carcharias Linnaeus, 1758 Linnaeus, 1758 Linnaeus, 1758
Published in: Linnaeus, C. 1758. Systema Naturae per Regna tria Naturae, secundem Classes, Ordines, Genera, Species, cum Characteribus, Differentis, Synonymis, Locis. Tom.1 Editio decima, reformata Holmiae : Laurentii Salvii pp. 824
Carcharias lamia Rafinesque, 1810 Rafinesque, 1810 Rafinesque, 1810
Published in: Rafinesque, C.S. 1810. Indice d'Ittiologia Siciliana Messina : Giovanni del Nobol pp. 70 pp. 2 pls
Carcharodon rondeletii Müller & Henle, 1839 Müller & Henle, 1839 Müller & Henle, 1839
Published in: Müller, J. & Henle, F.G.J. 1839. Systematische Beschreibung der Plagiostomen Berlin : Veit & Co pp. pp. 29-102 pls
Carcharodon albimors Whitley, 1939 Whitley, 1939 Whitley, 1939
Published in: Whitley, G.P. 1939. Taxonomic notes on sharks and rays. Aust. Zool. Vol. 9 (3) pp. 227-262 figs 1-18 pls 20-22

Common Names

Common name Source
White Shark
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Great White Shark
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White Pointer
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Grey Death
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Grey Pointer
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White Death
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Man-eater Shark
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White Shark, White Pointer Shark
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Man Eater
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Maneater Shark
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Working classification

Carcharodon carcharias  Recorded in Australia

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